Supply Chain Consultant

Supply chain consultant services will be provided by Asitek. It will assist end-to-end strategic transformation or targeted specific links in your operations. We are the perfect partnership with on Supply Chain.

We help companies through three major elements-

1. Master Plan

Controlling optimal service levels based on customer needs and overall master plan for customer services.

2. Customer Services

Developing the payment process and the warehousing and transport elements of logistics.

3.Network Development

Ranking resource sharing across units and making complicated decisions. 

The results can be devastating:

  • Poor service levels
  • Declines in perfect order rates
  • Low asset utilization
  • Skewed capacity-to-demand ratios
  • Frequent disruptions
  • Slow or expensive logistics.

key benefits of supply chain management:

  1. Good customer relationship and service.
  2. Creates better delivery for products and services
  3. Improving productivity
  4. Increasing business functions
  5. Reducing warehouse and transportation costs.
  6. Keeping down direct and indirect costs.
  7. Helping sending of products at right time.
  8. Increasing inventory management.
  9. supporting the successful execution of just-intime stock models.
  10. Helping companies in challenges of globalization, economic troubles and increasing consumer expectations.

Our management consulting services focus on our clients and always assist with their critical situations and issues. Enhancing their business operations.

We bring deep in functional proficiency, advanced analytics, strategies, transformations and business operations.

Our supply chain consulting module includes 1. Blueyonder WMS 2. Blueyonder TMS 3. Blueyonder demand planning and fulfilment 4. Manhattan WMS 5. Llamasoft supply chain planning 6. Highjump WMS 7. Oracle Logfire and so on.

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