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Partner with us for seamless Enterprise transformation. Whether it's Digital Transformation, Supply Chain Optimization, or Integration - where you face challenges, we offer solutions!

                     Upgrade your IBM Sterling B2B Integrator from version 5.x to 6.x. 

Asitek boasts over 5+ years of experience as a leading Global Systems Integrator,
specializing in the B2B/EDI domain. We offer comprehensive Development and Support
Services tailored to companies across diverse industry verticals, leveraging our
expertise in multiple technology stacks to drive their Digital Transformation Journey.
Our Center of Excellence harnesses global experience to empower clients in building
and managing Edge Security, B2B, EDI, and API services. Whether navigating ANSI
X12/EDIFACT Standards or industry-specific standards (such as Automotive, Healthcare,
Retail, Logistics, or Financial Services), we bring deep industry knowledge, technical
proficiency, accelerators, processes, and strategic partnerships to support your B2B

we offer comprehensive Upgrade Services for your EDI Platforms. Our process begins
with a meticulous analysis of your current EDI Platform, encompassing OS, Database,
Clustering, Application Frameworks (Customer/Vendor), Maps, Business Processes, TP
Communications, Security Protocols, and integration dependencies. We then devise a
modernization plan tailored to your needs, whether migrating OnPrem or to the Cloud.
With a successful track record of upgrading hundreds of customers, we ensure a
seamless transition. Additionally, we offer post-migration support, including OnDemand
Support, Project Work, Staff Augmentation, 24/7 Managed Services, and other
enhancements to meet your organization’s supply chain/demand chain requirements. A
s businesses navigate increasingly intricate B2B integration challenges across diverse
partner networks, Sterling B2B Integrator emerges as a pivotal solution, offering a
singular, adaptable gateway to address all integration needs:
Enhance visibility throughout your supply and demand chains.
Seamlessly integrate B2B communications across systems and partner ecosystems.
Streamline enterprise-wide business processes, transcending organizational
Forge connections with all business partners, regardless of size, location, or technology

Features and Benefits

Robust identity management, encompassing authorization and authentication.
Perimeter security at DMZ traversal points.
Role-based access control for data and system operations.
Secure mailboxing repository.
Comprehensive data transport security with SSL, SFTP/SSH, and encryption support
Non-repudiation capabilities via AS2 or AS3 protocols.
Support for digital signatures.
Message- and transport-level security compliant with WS-Security 1.0, including WS-I
Basic Profile 1.1 and Basic Security Profile 1.0.
Extensive support for B2B communication protocols, including Web services (SOAP),
S/FTP/S client and server, HTTP/S, SMTP, AS1, AS2, AS3, RosettaNet, WebDAV, Zengin
TCP/IP, and IBM® Sterling Connect: Direct®.
Policy-based file transfer mechanisms.
Handling of multi-gigabyte files.
Compatibility with IPv6.
Business Process Management
Intuitive graphical process modeling tool.
Robust business process execution engine.
Process abstraction for layered modeling and component reuse.
Integration and Transformation
Versatile data transformation engine supporting various standards:
Traditional EDI: X12, EDIFACT, CII, TRADACOMS, and Verband der Automobilindustrie
XML standards: OAGi, CIDX, PIDX, and RosettaNet.
Internet standards for B2B data exchange: RosettaNet RNIF, ebXML, 1SYNC, and EBICS.
XSLT service available for XML document transformations.
Capable of WTX translations.
Features a graphical data mapping tool.
Offers virtually unlimited file size support (up to 50 gigabytes).
Validates inbound and outbound data according to HIPAA rules from Level 1 to Level 6.
Implements intelligent (content-based) routing.
Interoperable with .Net 1.1/2.0, Axis 1.x/2.0, and Xfire 1.2.6.
Community Management
Facilitates the management and expansion of trading partner communities.
Provides centralized visibility into trading partner communities.
Helps reduce error rates.
Facilitates digital certificate deployment.
Customizable Partner Configuration
Supports intelligent onboarding with partner self-provisioning.
Application Extension and Customization
Web services support for SOAP and WSDL.
Integrated Development Environment (IDE) expedites custom app/dev work.
Software Development Kit (SDK) empowers the creation of custom adapters to systems.
Back-end Connectivity Adapters
Integration with enterprise applications including SAP (BAPI, IDOC, Netweaver), Oracle,
PeopleSoft, Vantive, IBM® Sterling Connect:Direct®, and IBM® Sterling
Compatibility with EAI messaging platforms such as IBM WebSphere MQ, Oracle AQ, BEA
Tuxedo, TIBCO Rendezvous, Microsoft MSMQ, JMS Queue, and Topic.
Technology adapters include JDBC, CORBA, LDAP, command line, file system, EJB, RMI,
SNMP trap, JCA, and IM (Instant Messaging). 

                                                     About Asitek info Solutions

Asitek Info Solutions is a collaborative intersection of business strategy, Innovate,
Accelerate, and Elevate. We consistently follow the new approach in our development .
The main focus of Asitek which help our client to become more efficient and better
control of their operations and provide better services and experience for their
customers. We help organizations to conquer business challenges & operate more
efficiently. Our core areas of expertise include Supply Chain, IBM, Oracle, Data
Warehouse Etc.
Asitek consulting services help to plan and improve your software with highly skilled
professionals. We are working out multiple software solutions to meet your business

1. Application Modernisation
2. Business Advisory
3. Consulting Services
We are offering a wide range of consulting on Multiple technologies. Our software
pricing plans are very affordable and match your specific requirements.
Our software comparison summary will help to choose the right product in your planned
budget. We will build an effective pipeline to speed up your deliverables. 





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